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Making an Image Request

Please search the OU Libraries online catalog to see if we have the work containing the image. Unfortunately, if you do not have an exact bibliographic reference (author, title, year or edition, and plate number or page number), we do not have staff available to research images for you. You are welcome to come to OU and browse through our holdings yourself, of course! Travel funding to support research in the Collections is available through a grant from the Mellon foundation:

To search the catalog follow these steps:

  1. Go to the OU Libraries website:
  2. Click the catalog link at the top of the page.
  3. Click the "Power Search" tab, top right.
  4. Enter author, title, or other information to perform the search. (Select sorting by oldest to newest, if you wish.)
  5. Examine the results to see if we have the item you are looking for.

To adhere to copyright guidelines, the work must be at least 95 years old for us to digitize it. We will not digitize works held in other special collections within the OU Libraries. If we have the original work, let us know and we'll try to digitize them when we are able and make them available for downloading.

Exhibit credit: Kerry Magruder, -999, Eric Bruning.

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