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Triumph in Rome

In the Spring of 1611 Galileo visited Rome in triumph (Figure 1) . Jesuit mathematicians and astronomers of the Collegio Romano eagerly looked through his telescopes, confirmed each of the observational discoveries Galileo reported in the Sidereus nuncius, and certified them to Cardinal Robert Bellarmine. Christoph Clavius indicated that the new discoveries would require much reinterpretation of accepted astronomical views. Ptolemy’s system was now dead so far as mathematical astronomers were concerned. Yet all of Galileo’s discoveries were consistent with the system of Tycho Brahe, favored by the Jesuits, which Galileo never attacked. Galileo was feasted and honored with speeches and gifts as the leading light of Tuscany.

Ludovico Cardi, or Cigoli (1559-1613), “Assumption of the Virgin,” Santa Maria Maggiore (Rome): (Figure 2) . Cigoli painted this fresco in Rome with a crescent Moon as it appeared through Galileo’s telescope. Smooth, translucent Moons are common in ascensions of the Immaculate Virgin, but no one had painted her standing on a pock-marked, maculate moon with mountains and craters. Cigoli and Galileo were friends; they corresponded regularly, and Cigoli observed sun spots in Rome to aid Galileo’s defense against the argument that they were merely a phenomenon of the Tuscan atmosphere.

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Rome map.

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Cigoli, Rome.

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Exhibit credit: Kerry Magruder, with the assistance of , Marilyn B. Ogilvie, Duane H. D. Roller.

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