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Perhaps you might like to insert some captioned images into your exhibit. The XML tag to do this looks like:

<hsimage id="#">This is the image caption.</hsimage>

The id number refers to an image stored in the exhibit database. When an image is loaded into the database, it will be assigned this number.

If you don't know the image id, but you do know the path within the multiple-resolution image directories on the server, you can specify it using a similar tag:

<hsimage period="15thCentury" name="Leonardo" year="1651" file="Leonardo-1651-8" attr="#">Caption</hsimage>

This corresponds to an image in the /images/15thCentury/Leonardo/1651/ directory with the name "Leonardo-1651-8". You'll note that there's no extension (e.g., .jpg) on the filename you provide. This will be added for you automatically depending on the resolution to be displayed or linked to.

If you wish to include an image that doesn't have multiple resolutions available, you may do so by specifying its exact path in the images directory with the file="" attribute. You must leave off the name, year, and period attributes for this to work, but you may still give an attribution. Also, note that you must give the full filename, including extension. Here's an example:

<hsimage file="webjpgs/hsci-logo.jpg" attr="#">History of Science Webpage Logo</hsimage>

When not specifying the image by id, you have the option to credit the image to someone by including one or more author ID numbers, separated by commas. If the image is specified by id number, the attribution will be obtained from the database if one exists.

You can place the image tag any where you would like within your article text. The best place to put it within the text is before or after the start of the paragraph with which the image is associated. When the web page is displayed, the image will remain as close as possible to its tagged position within the text. You can include as many image tags as you'd like per page.

Exhibit credit: Eric Bruning.

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