Copernicus and His Revolutions

Copernicus 1: Introduction


I wrote and produced this Copernicus exhibit and the accompanying videos for the "Cosmology and Cultures Project" of The OBU Planetarium, sponsored by the American Council of Learned Societies, 2005. It is available on DVD from The OBU Planetarium of Oklahoma Baptist University. I thank Glenn Sanders, Director of The OBU Planetarium, for overseeing the ACLS project and encouraging me to participate by creating three programs (including Stars over Ancient Babylon and The Shape of the Earth.

Mike Keas provided assistance in the writing phase of this project. My daughter Hannah Magruder photographed and processed in Photoshop nearly all the images from books in the OU History of Science Collections that appear in these pages. Detailed scrutiny and helpful corrections of the text were kindly provided by Peter Barker, Katherine Tredwell, and Dennis Danielson, whose Copernicus scholarship I have at all times relied upon. The section on the "Publishing" of the De revolutionibus in particular relies heavily upon the recent scholarship of Peter Barker and Bernard Goldstein. All errors remain, of course, my own.

For an overview of Copernicus’ life and work, along with a delightful window into the worlds of historical research and rare book collecting, I urge interested readers to acquire your own copy of Owen Gingrich, The Book Nobody Read (Walker, 2004). Excerpts from Copernicus are now easily available in English translation in the anthology by Dennis Danielson, Book of the Cosmos (Perseus, 2000).

Exhibit revised 11/4/05.

Exhibit credit: Kerry Magruder.

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